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The Island School
Discover our world. Change yours.
Kayak Expedition
Explore the Exuma Sound on an eight-day kayak trip.
Place-Based Education
Experiential learning that pushes beyond the traditional curriculum.
SCUBA training
Dive into The Island School's underwater classroom.
Research that matters to a nation.
Make new friends and share experiences on the island of Eleuthera.
Challenging coursework in a small-class setting.

Welcome to The Island School

The Island School offers a transformative educational semester and summer journey. High school students from around the world join our intentional community of teachers and learners seeking to transcend traditional education models. With the campus and surrounding ocean as our laboratories, we partner with a world class science research facility.

Together, we engage in the process of inquiry in order to discover sustainable solutions to real world problems. We explore the framework of Eleuthera’s cultural and environmental landscape through student-centered academics, outdoor programs that support personal growth and leadership development, and outreach programs that practice a project-based approach to local collaboration. The Island School experience culminates in the beginning of a lifelong educational journey, with more self-confident students leaving as engaged global citizens, empowered to be active leaders of their generation.

What if your science class involved doing research that mattered to a nation?

What if your campus was not only your classroom, but your home?

What if sustainability was not a club, but a way of life?

What if it was more important to ask questions than to answer them?

What if your education was not about what you know, but what you discover?

The Island School Blog

From Our Blog

Student Update: Kayak
May 22, 2015
After seeing the first two kayak groups return from their 8-day kayak adventure a different skin tone and their hair a couple shades blonder, I was hopeful for the day I would come back, looking as...
Staff Spotlight: Mik Cooper
May 19, 2015
Name: Mik Cooper Where are you from? New York City Where were you before this? Directly before arriving on Eleuthera I was in New York City but before that I was at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Ma...
Student Update: IS Hunger Games
May 18, 2015
It’s 6:00am. Usually, we sleep until 6:20, but this morning is different. Today we are playing The Hunger Games for morning exercise. Girls Dorm is filled with palpable energy as everyone scrambles...