Greetings from Eleuthera,

I invite you to take a moment and imagine a place where you are intimately connected to the community and the land, where you feel fully present, and not only because you don’t have your cell phone and social media buzzing in your pocket, but because you feel a sense of connection and purpose in your work and relationships. Imagine that this place challenges you to question the preconceived notions you may have had about yourself and the world around you, and thus step outside of your norm and test what previously didn’t seem possible. Imagine that such a place is built on trust and respect and that it entrusts you with real responsibility with its innate risks. Imagine that this place holds up a mirror, so to speak, to illuminate the connections between actions and implications, perhaps catalyzing a reexamination of what success can look and feel like.  
Here at The Island School, we provide the structure for such a place to exist, though the main ingredient, the real magic, comes packed inside the students who arrive. From our 6:30am circle where we gather to share announcements, to our run-swims, navy showers and communal meals, we are a community of people whose days and goals are intricately woven. Through our 100-day journey on our remote campus, our community members are provided the space and tools to figure out where their sense of self, and thus leadership, stems from, and in doing so, start to find the place from which they draw their own strength. At The Island School, we call this internal place of strength Querencia. This amorphous understanding of self and strength is less of a product of one’s experience here, and more of step in a lifelong journey itself.
Our community on the ground, from our facilities team to our researchers, to our advisors and classroom teachers have themselves felt the pull to be present, the reflection in the metaphorical mirror, and the fostering of Querencia, and are delighted to share this experience with incoming community members.
We hope to see you soon,

Ashley Waldorf
Director of The Island School