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Are You Ready for High School to be Something More?

The Island School believes that young people, given the right tools, can do just about anything- including change the world. The tools we offer will help you dive deep into the ocean and dig even deeper into yourself in order discover new sources of your own strength- the strength to ask tough questions, to live well with less, and to believe that you can become a force for positive change in the world. At The Island School, we will ask you to turn off your cell phones and turn on to your surroundings- rich laboratories of learning that include the Caribbean Ocean, Bahamian Culture, and our own vibrant community of scientists, faculty and students. By pushing the usual boundaries of classroom bound education, we create an environment in which critical thinking skills are just a normal part of daily life. A semester at The Island School involves hard work, community living, and constantly facing new challenges. If you want more inspiration, continue to explore our website– check out our student blogs and alumni stories. But, if you are ready to begin your own Island School adventure, then take your first step and start an application. Through the process of writing your essays, we hope that you might already begin to imagine a new way of learning and even discover something wonderful about yourself.

The Admission Team will be your first points of contact.  Please let us help you with your questions!

Taylor Hoffman
Director of Admission

Contact us at or (609) 620-6700.

Our Admissions Philosophy

The Island School embraces diversity in its many forms. We believe firmly that education happens when we are surrounded by those with different backgrounds and experiences from ourselves. We also know that our community is immeasurably enriched by the different cultures and mindsets that our students bring from their diverse homes, schools, neighborhoods, and nations. While our ideal candidates come from a variety of backgrounds, they all share an intense curiosity about the future of the world around them and are motivated to become leaders effecting change. Acceptance criteria include personal essays, academic records, recommendations, and, most importantly, a clear indication of the student’s enthusiasm and desire to explore a new world and discover new ways of learning. Students come from a variety of schools – public and private, boarding and day.

Who can apply?

Fall/Spring Semesters: High school sophomores & juniors
Summer Term: Rising sophomores, juniors & seniors
Gap Year Semesters: Students 18+ apply through Cape Eleuthera Institute
Summer 1 week research programs: For students 16+ apply through Cape Eleuthera Institute

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Application Time-Line

Interested students may learn about our programs from our website and are also encouraged to attend an admission event whenever possible. Interviews are recommended, but not required. To schedule a video interview, please contact us at Click here to begin your application.

September 15 Applications open
November 1-February 15 Students may book 15 minute interviews in person or via Skype
February 15 Applications due
April 1 – 7 Admission decisions go out
April 15 Accepted students in need of tuition assistance begin financial aid applications


I encourage you to take up the challenge, step off the track and push yourself harder than you ever have in your life. Explore new questions, study deep ocean sharks, help turn waste into energy and food, build new friendships that will last the rest of your life, plunge under the ocean at night, run and swim and feel stronger, live every day seizing every minute, become a leader hungry to make the world a better place. Apply to The Island School semester or summer term!! Prove to yourself and your family, your friends, your school and colleges that you are ready.


Chris Maxey, Founder & Executive Director