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Welcome to The Island School's alumni network!

Eleuthera may be far away, but we want you to feel connected. Here you can read stories from the Cape, learn about where other alumni have ended up, connect with a college ambassador, or find an alumni event near you. Whether you want to give back, get involved, or just know what's going on, this is where you should come. If you have any questions or want to get in touch please email alumni@islandschool.org or glennhartman-mattson@islandschool.org



College Ambassadors

College Ambassadors

Have an Island School alum help you decide what school is right for you. 

Brown University - Hal Triedman, SP'15

Colby College - Melinda Edie, F'14

Colgate University - Eliza Judson, F'14

Colorado College - Henry Swain, F'14

Cornell University - Nicole Lee, S'13

Dartmouth College - Noelle Henderson, SP'15

Duke University - Chris Teufel, F'13

Eckerd College - Ellie Corbett, SP'15

Elon University - Courtney Close, F'14

Georgetown University - Similejesu Sonubi, F'14

Hamilton College - Maggie Rogers, F'14

Hobart and William Smith Colleges - Zach McCloskey, SP'14

Middlebury College - Will Cembalest, SP'14 and Harrison Rohrer, F'13

Montana State University - Tallis Blossom, F'14

Northeastern University - Catherine Argyrople, SP'14

Tulane University - Taylor Herrick, SP'16

Southern Methodist University - Sophie Moore, SP'15

Stanford University - Gus Wellin, F'08

St. Lawrence University - Zoe Nichols, SP'16

University of California, Santa Barbara - Megan Hooper, S'15

University of Massachusetts Amherst - Colleen McGuinness, SP'15

University of Miami - Olivia Wigon, SP'14

University of Michigan - Sierra Welly, F'14

University of Southern California - Cameron St. Onge, SP'15

University of Vermont - Libby Schwab, F'14 and Read Frost, SP'13

Vassar College - Ethan Pierce, SP'15

Vanderbilt University - Amelia Patterson, SP'16 

Wesleyan University - Nani Bashir, F'13

Whitman College - Clara Hoffman, F'15

Interested in being an ambassador at your school? Email glennhartman-mattson@islandschool.org!


Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Alumni Events

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Looking for other cities? Check out the Admissions Reception Calendar. 


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Alumni Directors

Alumni Directors

Alumni Directors Lead Us 

Do you want to be part of our board of directors and play a significant role in the vision, direction and future of the organization? We are reaching out to all Island School, Cape Eleuthera Institute, Gap Year, and Deep Creek Middle School alumni, and others with significant connection to us who would like to invest in leading the organization.

You Can Join In

Alumni directors in the past have:

  • At least two years of work experience
  • Demonstrated service to the place after their student or volunteer experience at Cape Eleuthera
  • Skill set or demonstrated interest relevant to our work
  • Consistent participation in the annual alumni giving campaign
  • Acknowledged the financial obligations around travel to meetings and other board engagements (travel assistance is available for young alumni directors)

Next Steps

On expectations and timing: you'll attend the three in person board meetings - January in Florida, April on Eleuthera, October in Boston - and you'll make a gift commitment in line with your philanthropic budget. We prefer to know about your interest in March for a summer start to a three year term, with a first meeting in October.

We ask you to reach out to us by email: alumni@islandschool.org. We'll share some sense of how the board operates and what it might mean for you. After you've spoken with a member of both the foundation and board, if it's something you'd still consider, we'll let you know what materials to submit to join the pool for consideration. We have a limited number of spots and fill them according to the timing, skills, and background that best fit the needs of the board.