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Student Alumni

The Island School experience is incredibly unique which is part of the reason why our alumni community is so united. Each individual’s experience at The Island School is different, but the shared passion for the place, the people, and the learning brings our alumni together, regardless of geographic location. Wherever you are, we want to be there to connect with you – and also connect you with other alumni in order to create an even stronger network. The Island School currently has groups set up both by region and college affiliation. Search below to find a group that suits you. For additional inquiries, please contact

Regional Groups

To join one of our regional groups, contact the individuals below:
Boston Regional Group – Derek Shooster S’06
DC Regional Group -contact if interested in heading group

Interested in starting a regional group in your area?
Contact us at

College Groups

To join one of our college groups, contact the individuals below:

Bates College – Maggie Carey, S’08
Brown University – contact if interested in starting group
Colby College – Molly Nash F’09
Colorado College – Alexis Sommerfield F’09
Dartmouth College – Gigi Anderson S’11 & Eliza Becker S’10
Hobart & William Smith – Emma Barnes S’09
Middlebury College – Krissy Taft S’09
University of Vermont – Alex Perkins S’09
Villanova University – Kevin Delaney F’08

Interested in starting a college group at your school?
Email Cam Powel (

Alumni Advisory Board

The Island School Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) was created in 2008 to reengage Island School alumni and add structure to the Island School alumni community that has spread from Eleuthera across the globe.

The AAB promotes effective global citizenship by supporting connectivity and collaboration among the alumni community and through preservation of the mission and vision of the Island School for future students. Citizenship, connectivity, collaboration: all pillars of the on-island experience that the AAB works to sustain.

The AAB maintains a blog, active contact with the Island School Board of Directors, and holds two board meetings each year along with quarterly conference calls. Specific agenda items include advising the Island School Board of Directors, helping coordinate reunions and other alumni events, and providing networking opportunities to alumni, regardless of their career interests.

Every student’s Island School experience is different, and with an ever-changing campus landscape and research scope many returning alumni are often confronted with a different school than they remember. The AAB works to ensure that all alumni feel connected to The Island School, regardless of miles traveled or time passed.

For a list of current AAB members, click here.