Today was our third day of classes. In the afternoon we went out scuba diving at Cathedral. I was the boat captian for the day so I drove the Mac daddy out to the spot where we slowly decsended into the water. We were supposed to go through the tunnel in Cathedral but visibility was poor and we had trouble finding where it was. Regardless of our difficulties we were still able to see many different speicies of butterfly fish as well as many blue chromis. I was initially somewhat afraid of SCUBA diving but yesterday's experience really showed me that it was a fun and interesting thing rather than a scary experience. -Makayla

This morning was our time to sleep in however a group of us had the oppotunity to freedive with Chris Maxey instead. We headed out to Tunnel Rock at 6:20 and were in the water just as it started to get light out. Tunnel Rock is located 35 ft beneath the surface and is a two story plethora of local flora and fauna. However to many of us the main attraction is the tunnel which represents the name of Tunnel Rock. None of us got through it today but everyone is now able to0 make it to the bottom so it is only a matter of time before we have the ability to try out our free diving skills at a larger challenge.