Today we started off the day with our first timed run-swim. We gathered for circle at 6:30am with our bathing suits, goggles, and run-swim shoes. After completing chores, the students split between North and South dorms; North did the run-swim and South cheered them on. After volunteering for different roles the South dorms went off to their different locations on the run-swim route. Those from the North dorms jogged from the flagpole to Girl's dorm cut. After much anticipation we counted to three and we were off. In a big clump of people we raced to the first finger. From there we all pushed ourselves to sprint as fast as we could along the fingers, and swim to our best ability across the cuts. As we ran we could hear the cheering over our heavy breathing. The south dorms worked to both direct the North dorms through the fingers and watched them as they swam accross the many cuts. As we charged out of the water we were cheered and greeted with the screams of our classmates. We climbed out of the water of the last cut and gave everything we had to accelerate toward the flagpole. As we neared the flagpole, with each step we could hear the cheering for us grow louder. Finally reaching and touching the flagpole was the most satisfying feeling in the world. Tomorrow North will be cheering South on as they complete their first timed run-swim. -Peter Q and Julia