Homestay Weekend!

Friday! Max and I were caciques for the whole weekend! We woke up at 6:15 on Friday morning, rolled out of bed and collectively (North dorm) woke up South by cheering loudly for them because it was their day to do the timed run swim. Not everyone in South was as excited as we were that they had to go through the roughly 20 minutes of torture that they were about to endure, but nonetheless everyone was at morning circle by 6:30. We sang the national anthem and did our morning chores before we split into dorms and either watched or performed the run swim. South dorm did really well, as far as I know a new record (of 14 minutes!) was set by Steve Grune! We went through an average day, with one small twist... we had to get all of our work done AND pack and be ready to go by 4:45. We had research after lunch and some groups didn't return until 4:30 so the pressure was on to be packed and ready on time to get on to the buses to go to our homestays. We were all incredibly excited to meet our families and see where we would be living for the next few days, but when it was time to say goodbye we realized how close we had become over the past few weeks. There was tons of hugging and fake crying going on even though we all knew we would see each other in a few days, I heard several people joking that they were excited to become "real friends" by meeting up on facebook when they arrived at their homestay. We all got into our respective vehicles and were deposited with our homestay families for the next 3 days. While I can't speak for everyone I know that I had an AMAZING time and I would happily do it a thousand times over.

-Max and Hadley