We woke up feeling refreshed from a homestay weekend full of much-wanted sleeping in and delicious Bahamian food. We started the day with relaxing yoga or an intense "psycho" workout. A visiting program decided to join in on the psycho workout and were pleasantly surprised by the rigor of Chris Maxey's workout. We processed homestay and shared anecdotes from our weekend in Histories. In math we continued with definition of the celestial sphere to lay the groundwork of our navigation course. We then went off to our respective research projects, where we are really starting to begin experiments. The intrepid shark crew continued to catch lemon sharks. During dinner, all the students signed up for whether they want to do run track or swim track- whether to train for a 13.1 mile half marathon to Deep Creek and back, or a 4 mile swim in the ocean. Track-specific workouts are starting Tuesday. Some people are nervous, but we all went to bed with our running shoes or swim caps stacked by our bed, ready to go, and excited to begin this adventure. -Sarah and James