Caciques: Lucy Triedman and Kitch Wakeman Today began with our first run/swim tracks! We split up into two groups depending on our choice for this semesters exercise. The runners went out on a 3.41 mile loop. Meanwhile, the swimmers embarked on a current cut swim.  Exhausted, everyone enjoyed a nice breakfast. We were happy to begin the morning with literature and histories class.  We ended the morning with our second community meeting of the semester. Here, we discussed issues around food, upcoming holidays, dorms, and ended with some lovely compliments! Following a speedy lunch, we once again split for community outreach with our Deep Creek Middle School buddies. Grades 7 and 9 traveled to the middle school, while grade 8 awaited their buddies on campus. We all planned for our community outreach projects that we are excited to begin soon. We concluded the afternoon with various advisory activities. Such as free-diving, baking, and bike ride explorations. The day ended with a delicious dinner and a packed night of studying.