March 24, 2010-- A night of music! After a full day of classes, we were all excited to finally sit down and have dinner together. Two marine ecology classes got the chance to take trips to Tunnel Rock for scuba diving, art class began making their land sculptures around campus, human ecology began exploring the food systems at The Island School, and math worked hard to understand the concepts of celestial spheres and geometry of the Earth. To many of us, a normal night and an ordinary dinner was anticipated with lots of talk about the day and our adventures. But it all changed as the sun began to set and David and Justin began to sing and play the guitar for everyone. David’s voice and along with Justin’s guitar intrigued the community, and people began to gather in front of the performance near the dining hall. After a quick performance by Justin and David, students took the stage and played an impressive remake of “Apologize.” Kitch, Bridget, Sean, Nick, Justin and Evan all participated in the performances, and closed dinner with a remarkable concert. Headed off to literature classes and study hours, students were upbeat and energized by the enjoyable dinner and concert.