Caciques: Evan and Grace Just another day at the Island School. The day began with run/swim track in the morning. The runners explored the terrain of southern Eleuthera on their 3.5 or 5.5 mile run while the swimmers practiced technique in the water polo cut. Classes began (for most people) at 9:15 while Leo enjoyed a study hour. Marine Ecology classes went scuba and free-diving at Tunnel Rock. Land Crabs spent their morning investigating the ins and outs of our on campus food production system in Human Ecology. They came to lunch with a delcious array of home-grown beets, tomatoes, and various herbs. Avifauna helped plant nitrogen fixers on the bike shed roof garden during their Human Ecology class in the afternoon. They came to dinner prepared with a flower salad (hibiscus, marigolds, and squash blossoms) and a chilled raddish salad. Exploration time was very quiet and campus-based due to the homework load. Evan and Rennie began preperations for the Passover celebrations that will take place next Monday and Tuesday.