Happy April fools day! Today we learned a valuable lesson from the outcome of our actions. We realized that something that may seem funny to us isn’t all that funny in the grand scheme of things. In the end, we all came together as a community and were all willing to put it in the past as well as put in the effort to make this the best semester ever. At dinner tonight we had an open mic night and it was a great way to help bring our community together. As all of us were sitting around the tables we supported the musicians that got up on stage. It was really relaxing and fun and everyone seemed to be happy after a long and rough day. Later on one of our student’s mother, Cristina Mittermier, gave us a presentation on conservation photography, and showed us pictures of different places and people all over the world. She explained to us how she became interested in photography and how she utilized her skills to help create awareness of problems with conservation that are occurring in the world. We all enjoyed our day, for the most part, and we are continuing to grow as a family. After out long day we would like to leave you with one quote, “Our muscles cannot break. They may tear, but they will grow back stronger and better than ever.” -Welbis and Makayla