Today was one of the first Tuesdays The Island School and The Deep Creek Middle School did not have Community Outreach together. Instead, the communtiy was divided; half of us went on our first Mailboat while the other half had classes and Querencia. The Mailboat departed from Rock Sound and traveled north to Governor's Harbor. The Mailboat is used to transport food, packages, mail, and most importantly passengers. Many of the local people use this method of transporation to get from Eleuthera to Nassau. On the mailboat classes still continued, having a Literature and Histories class. When we arrived in Governor's Harbor, we were allowed 30 minutes to explore, get something to eat and talk with the local people about why they love Governor's Harbor. One interesting fact that I learned was that Governor's Harbor is one of the only islands in the Bahamas where beachfront property is still available to the locals. On most of the other islands, the land has been bought for resorts and private homes. Then we took a bus ride back to campus, where once again, our community came together as one. The Mailboat made us realize everything that is being exported and imported since we all got to see it first hand and there were many objects we never thought would be coming and leaving the island of Eleuthera. I can say for sure we all learned more information about where our food and other necessities are coming from, and for some of us it was a wake up call, but most of all, a learning experience -Maddie and Jake V.