Happy Easter Friends and Family! The morning festivities took off with one of our white bio-diesel vans heading to the Wemyss Bight Methodist Church for an 11:00 Easter Service. What seem liked day's worth of homework prevented the critical mass from attending, but we knew they joined us in spirit even if not in our pews. We arrived, 20 minutes later, dressed in our finest, most appropriate garb to find an almost empty hall. We filed into the first two pews and took our seats, making sure to say hello and smile at the few women around us. Gradually, more people showed up. Most women sported hats the size of a fruit bowl, decorated with all white flowers and bows. My personal favorite reflected beams of light into our eyes, considering silver sequins smothered the entire entity (something of this magnitude deserves recognition). We sang along with the hymns, all recognizing the familiar Hallelujia's, and I got to read one of the lessons (First Corinthians Chater 16 verse 19-20). As I walked up to the mic, my palms sweat and voice a bit dry. After stumbling a little on the word Asia (it felt more like a epic crash in figure skating) I recovered (as I watched many and Olympic figure skater do) and continued on without fault. We felt welcomed at the church, as we always do, and enjoyed our Easter Sunday together.

At 4:00 we candy-fiends, innate competitors, and Eager eater folk congregated in the circle READY to hunt. Earlier we had glittered over 200 rocks and scattered them around campus. The hunt took off and the frantic scurrying began. The rocks had not been hidden in overly difficult places; they did, however, blend in VERY well with the surroudning terrain. Nevertheless we collected what seems like the majority of them, ranging from people with 10 to 3 "eggs". After a mad dash to find the Golden One (Erin found it- goldside down) and some clues from the hider, we all lined up to recieve our brownies which so perfectly topped of the tiring hunting.

To replicate family Easter traditions we implemented color-schemed families for dinner. Around our dinner circle, everyone grouped alongside their mono-chromatic outfitted friends. W-outfits (all white), Bluoutfit (all blue), grenoutfit (all green), oroutfit (all orange), youtfit (all yellow), poutfit (all purple), and pinoutfit (all pink) transformed our circle into a rainbow. Though we had never been with our new "families" before, camaraderie quickly appeared. We walked to dinner and sat, one family per table. Hoots of laughter echoed on our patio as it quickly became apparent that, even though we longed for our own Easter traditions, our family here would suffice.

--- Luke and Eliza