Yesterday was another odd schedule. The mailboat trip was unexpectadly rescheduled so half of the students  (avifauna and reef fish) left campus at around 5:30 a.m. for one of Remo's "mini-adventures." The other students (sea turtles and land crabs) started the day with a special morning excercise: a game of capture the flag. After breakfast, the students who stayed on campus met up in the presentation room with David. In the pres. room we watched a documentary made by Island School alums about Eleuthera which was called "Free Swim." After the film, the students who stayed at  school had 3 hours of querencia time to get grounded in their surroundings and reflect on their role in the community. At 3:00, the avifauna and reef fish returned from their "mini-adventure" and then we had a community meeting. We ended the community meeting in a moment of silence and then broke for 2 hours of advisory time. After eating dinner, the avifauna and reef fish ended the day discussing Omeros with Alex Perkins.