Today was a regular Thursday schedule. Even though nothing unexpected happened, students were busy studying for math “game day” and finishing memorizing slides for their Marine Eco. fish ID quizzes. I keep thinking about how great yesterday was and how fun this weekend is going to be. My advisory experienced the world of underwater rock carrying for the first time yesterday and that was amazing. People may ask, “Why would you ever carry a rock underwater?” My response is,”I’m in Maxey’s advisory.” That usually clarifies everything. I am also excited about the first ever Spring 201o Coffee House this Saturday. Even though most of us are caught up by things in the past and future, it is still important to live in the moment. Even though today had no underwater rock carrying or silly performances, it was still special because it was one of the days where I felt like our community was the strongest. Everyone was at circle on time and at dinner, the air was filed with laughter and cries to be called first for food. Overall, it was a good day and in addition, a great way to kick of this exciting weekend. -Bridgette