Today began, as always, with morning exercise. The community gathered together for a "modified run-swim." We all ran to the marina and swam the current cut, got out of the water and ran back up to the bridge to succumb to Nick's intense mini-psycho. Afterward we did sprints to triangle cut,where we followed the run-swim track back to campus. Classes were one hour segments of History, Literature, and Math. In history we talked about what factors contribute to oral history. Our oral history projects are due on Monday! In lit we discussed Omeros, and listened to sixty second speeches that were delivered by every student on the importance of their name. In math, we had our second "game day." Although stress was palpable the night before, everyone left the test feeling confident. In the afternoon, the community was divided into research groups for a nice afternoon of hard work.

After dinner, everyone gathered once again for an informative documentary about the global fisheries, "The End of the Line." We all left the film with a profound sense of the status of our global fishing industries. Study hours commenced after the film, and all student made the best of their time.

Yet ANOTHER day at the Island School...

Caciques Hallie Schaeffer and Evan Lutvak