Caciques: Emma and Owen On Saturday morning we began our day with long morning exercise. Run track did a long run to Deale's Point, and we ran up to 8 miles. Swim track jumped off High Rock, and then swam to 4th Hole and back. They also did some underwater rock carrying. We then had a long research block, and we did our midterm oral assessments. Later we had Querencia time and then Exploration time. After dinner, we had our first Coffeehouse-- people had various acts that ranged from Toga dancing to guitar playing to free-style rapping. Then we had a Gameshow, hosted by Tyler. We were broken into teams of different colors and we had a variety of questions ranging from Island School to Geography to Sports and Miscellaneous. Then the boys went night-snorkeling at The Cut. The girls had a bonding session. Overall it was a very fun day!