With the days of tiring exercise, Sunday is simply the most amazing day of the week, being able to sleep until 12, creating new ways to block the sun from dorms or at least your face. However with homework looming over head for the next day I decided to skipthis day of amazing sleep-in and head to breakfast at 9 with the other students who decided the same. It took me until at least 3 to reach my pre-determined half-way mark, the amazing feeling of being able to relax for the rest of the day and explore the inner loop. -Tevin Williams

After a long-awaited sleep-in, I woke up to a steaming cup of coffee and an eerily quiet campus - half the student body had woken up just in time for breakfast, while the other half opted for an extended sleep-in to recover from coffee house and Island School's first ever game show, hosted by Tyler Lewtan. Tyler, still coasting on the success of his game show, lead a psycho-style ab workout bootcamp extravaganza that left many of its participants crawling to circle for a delicious and filling brunch. The afternoon offered many opportunities to explore around the Cape, and many of us took a bus into Wemyss Bight to watch the softball game and snag an interview or two for the rough draft of our oral history reports, which we spent the remainder of the night frantically finishing

-Maggie Bogardus