Caciques: Grace and Tyler Boy's and Girl's South dorms completed the second timed run/swim this morning where many participants made personal records. The group was led by Steve Grune who came in with an outstanding 13:36 finish time.Literature and Histories classes followed breakfast where we continued discussing Omeros and peer reviewed our oral histories paper. Community meeting began at 11:15 with a two minute power nap.Then we shared with the people sitting next to us one thing that had made us mad, one thing that had made us sad, and one thing that had made us glad over the past week and one thing we were looking foward to. We discussed a variety of topics including a themed dinner, no lights/no fans day for energy research, and a potential mini-triathalon this Sunday. Community meeting ajourned with a ten minute props session where we got to show our appreciation for members of our community. We all had Community Outreach after lunch. Grade 7 made trash project plans, Grade 8 began making their public service announcment videos, and Grade 9 began building their recycled materials projects. Because we are having advisory time tomorrow we were lucky enough to get extended exploration time today. Most students got off campus and went to High Rock, 4th Hole, or Sunset beach. There was a fifteen minute abs workout after dinner which got the brain juices flowing so we could have productive study hours.