Greetings Parents! We started off  this  wonderful Saturday morning with extended run/swim tracks.  After breakfast, we had our Saturday morning classes. For  today's classes, we had "Bizarro" Research day.  In other words, we attended a research class DIFFERENT from the one that we are normally in! LOL :) After lunch we had a community meeting, and learned about our  kayak, Down Island trips and academic rotations.  Kayak group 1 and Kayak group 2 will be heading off on Monday (K1 to kayak, K2 to Down Island).  We know we're all going to miss each other, but we're still very excited! After extended exploration time, we went to the marina for a fun cook out! We grilled up some burgers and veggie  burgers. After dinner we enjoyed a rare treat of some home made brownies!  Upon returning to campus, some  students chose  to catch up on valuable  rest, and others went to boys dorm beach to swim and enjoy bonding time! Hope your day was as good as ours! See you next  time. -Kitch Wakeman and Helen Pierson