Hi All! Today, the Island School community spent its last day together for the next three weeks. The day started with many opportunities to strengthen and release after our rigorous week. Rennie led some yoga in the boathouse, a perfect backdrop especially with this morning's rain (yay! more water to shower with!). After this, Tyler led ab workout bootcamp, involving a lesson on nutrition.  Others slept in, read, or enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with teachers and friends. At noon, we met for our first circle of the day and continued on to a hearty brunch. For K1 and K2, the afternoon involved some kayak trip preparation as well as free exploration of Cape Eleuthera. K3 and K4 had the whole afternoon free to explore, relax with friends, and Karl led a trip to snorkel in the caves at High Rock. Other activities included swimming, biking,  running, and exploring the beaches and the old resort. Overall, it was a great day for everyone to spend quality time with eachother and our beautiful home before departing on the adventures of the next three weeks.


Hannah and Mickey M.