Caciques: Jake and Emma We began the day as usual however certain members of the community forgot to wake up...boys dorm. After everyone was fully conscious we began our long morning exercise. Run track ran to Deal's Point while swim track swam to Current Cut from Girls' Dorm Beach. We then had a full 3 hour long research class and we worked on our methodology paragraphs for our final posters. In the afternoon, we had a 3 hour art class, however, it was cut short because of rain. On the positive side, the rain has replenished our cisterns giving us more days of water. The rain has also brought out the seasonal land crabs and we are looking foward to going crabbing soon with locals. Although, technically it was a Monday night, here at Island School it was a Saturday night and we had a movie night complete with popcorn. This evening was also the return of K1 from their 8 day kayak trip and solo experience. Tomorrow will be a rest day for the community to replenish their energy and spend time with their friends before K1, K3, and K4 depart for Down Island Trips and Kayak.