Caciques: Kearney and Ben Today was (for all our purposes) a Sunday, providing some much needed rest.  K1 rejoined our community on campus, and everyone had a blast reuinting with one another and sharing various stories from Kayak and Academic rotations.  In the early morning, we all enjoyed a breakfast of scrambled eggs, grits, bacon and orange juice! It was DELICIOUS.  Then, most of girls dorm (and Tyler) went to the Marina, and then to Sunset Beach to relax and swim. Afterwards, we came back for lunch, and about two hours later, K3 met together to begin their Kayak preparations.  Those of us that were here during Academic rotations also finished up our sextant calculations from Math Day.  After dinner, at 7:15, K1 and K3 met up to prepare for the coming three day Down Island trip. We enjoyed reconvening before departing once more, and are glad to have had a day to rest and prepare us for the journies to come!