Hello parents,Today was the third day of the second academic kayak rotation, and we had an art day in which we spent our morning working on our self portrait projects. After lunch, we left for community outreach where the 7th graders did a community cleanup, followed by tamarind cups, and the 8th graders went to Rock Sound to interview local residents about their public service announcement topics. Followed by CO, we all had a community meeting where we discussed island school issues...Preceding the meeting, we had our exloration time, where students swam, exercised, or relaxed at the marina store. After dinner, the tamarind group had their night dive during study hours. When they went out to Tunnel rock for a 25 minute dive to 50 feet, the students saw nocturnal organisms such as the Tiger tail sea cucumber, moray eels, squirrelfish, star basket, and many others. As the group returned, the students spent their time admiring the bioluminescent plankton that glowed alive when the boat passed over them. Rushing back to the dorms to make it for check in, the students were grateful for the amazing experience of the night dive.

Mickey M. and Olivia