Hello, greetings, good morning to you all. We shall relay the day's happenings, since we cannot call.

We had extended exercise in the morning, and we all got real fit.

After breakfast we attended humeco, history, or lit.

Walking into lunch we were all suddenly awakened,

For before our eyes laid some lettuce, tomato, and bacon.

We had five hours of research in the fine afternoon.

Aquaculture harvested Cobia, not too late not too soon.

Patch Reefs went out in the field and speared some lionfish.

They ended up with 12, more than they had wished.

The day ended with some study hours and the stress did ensue,

Because the next day our research results were finally due.

We went to bed exhausted, but pleased with the day.

And that is what happened on the 7th of May.

Caciques: Lucy and Evan