Caciques: Emma and Owen To start off the day, we had a sleep-in. However, as typical Island School students and faculty, hardly anyone slept in-- everyone was busy going free-diving and painting a mural in Deep Creek. After breakfast, we had our math final, which was based on the presentations from our Directed Study projects that had occured a few days ago. Another big event was our last community meeting. We certainly made it count-- we didn't talk about snacks at all! One discussion point of this meeting was sweatshirts. We are still deciding on the design of them, but hopefully we will come to a consensus soon and order them.

In the afternoon, some of us went on a dive for Marine Ecology, and the other half of us took the final fish ID quiz, and advisory time to prepare portfolios and DOLs (Demonstrations of Learning). It made for a full day. Also, after dinner we saw a very complex presentation about Lionfish done by a visiting researcher at CEI.

Soon thereafter we went to bed, so we could be well-prepared for our Human Ecology extravaganza.