At the start of our day we met at six o’clock to lead the morning circle. Shortly after that we headed out to the bike shed to collect our bikes for the morning two mile ride, but to everyone’s surprise the bike shed was locked, leaving us no choice but to jog the two mile journey! Our journey ended at High Rock where we were all encouraged to take the leap of faith into the water. This was a lot more than just a leap; it symbolized everyone jumping into the summer term. After the leap of faith we jogged back to the campus where we were welcomed with a hot cooked meal.

Prior to lunch we went to the ”Where are we class?” where we got a better understanding of our surroundings and fully immersed ourselves in the summer term. From here we went to the C.E.I. where we met with four researchers and learnt about the projects that we would be studying. After lunch we had a siesta; it was like a much needed down time. During this time many of us worked on our scuba study sheets, something I know many of us are excited to jump into later this summer. Then, we met with our advisories to explore Cape Eleuthera on our bikes; this was a good bonding time for us as new students. Shortly after this we lead the group through the dinner circle where we picked the new caciques, Tamanji and Ariel, congratulations to you both!

Today was about immersing and orienting ourselves on Eleuthera, and we know that we are all excited to learn more this semester!

Kate Hamilton and Kimal Brown