Today was a true day for firsts as we ventured out on the first morning exercise of the semester.  The water was cold as we entered the snorkeling spot right off shore of Boy’s Dorm Beach.  Each of us buddied up with a new friend, and in our pairs we explored the wonders of the ocean.  After swimming out to a nearby shipwreck, we passed around some of the interesting creatures that we collected along the way, which included queen conchs, mollusks, a rare four-legged starfish, two small stingrays, and a variety of different macro-algae. The showers were cold and refreshing after we had returned to dorm, and we were all eager for the hefty breakfast that awaited us in the dining hall.  After completing our daily chores, we gathered in the presentation room for our first Human Ecology class followed by a tour of the systems around campus.  We discussed the impact that we make on the environment and how the consequences can be grave if we aren’t careful.  It is why this campus is sustainable.

After a second delicious and filling meal, we took a much-needed break to rest after such an eventful morning.  A few of us students that hadn’t had enough salt water decided to jump off the Island School dock and snorkel around the nearby reef balls.   The “Who Am I?” presentations followed the free time, and after a few hours of sharing our personalities with each other, we were ready for dinner.  We gathered around the flagpole in the center of campus for the traditional dinner circle where we led the group in a quick reflection of the day, as well as choosing the new caciques for tomorrow.  The chosen two were Kate and Kimal for their leadership skills.

A quick meeting on the dock about rules and regulations of the Island School followed.  Having been told that snacks in the dorm was not permitted, we gathered in the north octagon for a junk food feast.  The day was finally brought to an end as each student drifted off to sleep eager for what tomorrow would bring.

-Paige Roberts and Alex Duncan