Today was an amazing day.  Swimming in the Triangle Cut was a great morning exercise. Before we started our long swim, Remo taught us all the correct techniques to glide through the water.  After the swim we rushed back to campus for breakfast. Everyone was excited because today was the very first day of SCUBA diving. You could tell that most people were both nervous and excited to dive into the water.  For most it was the first time they would be under the water for so long. We all had to practice drills with the dive masters in case of an emergency. All the new divers had the chance to dive at The Saddle, which is a clear, blue ocean hole right by the marina.  SCUBA diving took all day and everyone was completely exhausted by dinnertime. At dinner circle we all shared one thing about our eventful day. After dinner all students attended SCUBA night class. The day was extremely long, but everyone still had time to work on homework and research reading.  Luckily, tomorrow everyone gets to sleep in until 8.

-Ariel and Tamanji