Today was the first time that each Island School student had the luxury of sleeping in and not having to workout at sunrise. It also marked the 2nd day of  scuba diving and it’s safe to say that all have excelled tremendously. All (or should I say most) of the fears of scuba were left back at the boat house and, instead, we took positive attitudes with us. There was so much to learn, but each group did a fabulous job and were very courageous (which isn’t easy when going on a 20+ foot dive only your second time). It sounds productive so far, right? We also had our first official Human Ecology class that integrated the knowledge of our individual footprints into the lesson agenda. It was astonishing seeing how many planets Earth would require if everyone lived the way each of us do. It’s important to take into account that even though it was the Human Ecology course kick-off, it was a real eye-opener, which brings up the question: what’s next? I can’t imagine what upcoming activities the school has to provide us with. Along with all of these different activities, it not only was the first real day of school, but we also had our first meetings for each research group. I believe we all can agree that it was very exciting to get started, but as you can imagine there was a lot of introduction work. So we, one-by-one, filed into the library to begin working together. Even with school work, we had great team work. Everyone was very productive, but I admit that the music coming across from the talent show was very tempting. I was glad, though, that Tamanji entered in the show to represent the rest of us who were unfortunately busy at work.

It was very exhilarating to see everyone working side by side and friendships growing! I’m hoping that they only grow stronger with each coming day because it is definitely rewarding to be recording this all down. :]

Siena Rumbough