After a fun 4th of July celebration on the sand bar last night, a lot of the girls had trouble waking up this morning, but we all made it to morning circle on time. Mister Master Puff Daddy (soon to be Doctor) Aaron led us in our morning exercise, a run to Page Creek. Page Creek is a tidal creek where we learned about the mangrove habitat (which the flats research team -aka the best team- will soon be experts on). After breakfast, we got ready for a day full of SCUBA. We did two dives in the morning at Tunnel Rock and then after lunch we headed out for the last dive of our certification at Cathedral. During our dives, we saw tons of cool things like big rays, lion fish, spotted moray eels, and a lot of little schools of fish. This afternoon we’re all busy finishing up SCUBA readings, looking at scientific articles for our research groups, or in a lot of cases (like myself), falling asleep while trying to do one of those. After a long day, we were offered a trip to go crabbing. A lot of the girls didn’t go because we were so tired and needed to catch up on work, but the crabbing trip was great! We learned how to handle and capture crabs and about the types of crabs there were to catch. We’re all missing our little friends from the Eleutheran Explorer’s camp who left the other day but we have tons of silly bands to remember them by :P. Almost a week has passed, and for a lot of us, it’s been one of the best weeks ever! Happy birthday Sammo (Liza’s brother)