Our day began at 6:30 this morning—a mini sleep-in for us! After rolling out of bed, we hopped into boats and headed for the sandbar for a morning exercise/lesson. Upon arriving, we ran through the water to a monument where we had a fun lesson on ooids (a type of sand), complete with a skit/dance on the forming of the sand in the Bahamas. After the run back, we snorkeled to collect sand dollars, butterfly shells and sea biscuts! Upon arriving home and eating breakfast, we had the SCUBA final… and now we are all certified divers! Very soon, lunch rolled by and we went into a long siesta where most of us headed to the marina store to get our sugar and ice cream fix with some Goombay punch to wash it down! Following siesta, we had an interesting Human ecology class where we had a Harkness discussion about the book The Rediscovery of North America. Both groups that discussed the book had interesting discussion and everyone came out with a new point of view! After the discussion, it was dinner time where we had some talapia and cobia from the aquaculture and aquaponics research areas. Lastly, we headed back to scuba to receive and talk over our final exams and then it was time to go to bed!

Caciques- Mia and Jenny