Today started with a Mega Run/Swim that took us all over the Cape. With Remo in the lead, we ran through trees and swam across the surrounding cuts. While waiting for the group to catch up, Remo led us in Island School jumping jacks, 8 count bodybuilders and other exercises. This morning two research groups had Human Ecology, where we discussed the influence of Bob Marley’s song lyrics. We also began a documentary about the economic development of Jamaica and the impact of globalization on the country. In the afternoon the two research groups that had Human Ecology had research. It was a busy day for the shark team because we caught three juvenile lemon sharks within minutes of each other. We got to measure and tag the sharks and each of us got to put the sharks into “tonic immobility”, where you flip the shark onto its back and it goes to sleep. After dinner we finished our documentary and got the packing list for the Down Island Trip that we leave for tomorrow morning! The second day of our trip will be Bahamian Independence Day on July 10th and we will be celebrating in Rock Sound at a huge party! -Grace and Kristin