It was the first day back from the down island trip and although it wasn’t as eventful, it was a great transition day to kayaking tomorrow (ahh after kayaking there are about ten days left! :(  ), The day started when the lights flicked on at 5:30 AM and silently announced, along with the ringing alarms, that it was time to get ready for the morning exercise. This consisted of either playing water polo or helping with the preparation for the three-day kayak trip. I had the pleasure of helping get ready for the trip. Before, though, Remo taught us how to tie the long ropes on the tents before putting them away. Finally, after washing and packing the tents into bags, we checked up on the condition of the kayaks to make sure the rutters and foot pedals were working. So overall, the experience was both education and productive (we even got in the 6 minute ab work out to conclude the morning “exercise.”)

Next up was breakfast, then research. I’m not quite sure what the other groups had done for their specific groups, but Aquaculture dove down to the cage to continue with our fish surveys based on biodiversity and the abundance of each species in the taped-off area. Again it was very productive and after lunch, all of the the groups that had Human Ecology after Siesta time (instead of before) broke up into three different Kayak groups to learn a variety of subjects (either the Night Sky, Lucayan Archaeology, or Coastal Ecology) and to be able to teach their knowledge to the other groups throughout the trip.

I’m definitely looking forward to teaching and playing trivial games about Coastal Ecology with everyone else. Hopefully it goes as well as today went!


Siena and Kimal