Surprise!! Today the mentors gave us a sleep in after the intense kayak trip. Even though we had until twelve, we only slept until eight just in time for our favorite granola breakfast.  After a quick bite we were eager to sign out, grab our bikes, and pedal our way to Sunset Beach.  Lying in the sand, working on our tan, taking pictures, and visiting the marina store was just the way we wanted to spend our morning.  Following our relaxing morning, we ate lunch and met up for our Community Outreach project.  Loading up the ladder, painting materials, and students, we were off to the Waterford basketball court.  Just by looking at the court you could tell that it needed lines, a new backboard, and nets.  Therefore we split up into different groups to handle each individual task.  A fourth group of four students were taken off to repaint a bus stop pink and white.  Back at the courts, a light spray passed over washing away the chalk lines that had taken nearly an hour to measure out.  The entire student body of the Island School summer term came together with some of the local teens, and got the job done.  By six o’clock the lines were painted, the bus stop was done, and the hoops were ready for some action.  The basketball courts looked great and it was rewarding to see a group of twenty boys already playing.  We chose Lesley and Ashley as the new caciques for their hard work and dedication to get the job done.  After a barbeque chicken dinner, we gathered in the presentation room for a documentary on Bahamian fisheries to prepare us for our future outing tomorrow morning.  Although today had been relaxing, we were all ready for bed by the time 9:30 rolled around.  Only eight days until we come home, get ready parents!


Casey and Paige