We started off the morning with a good run/swim.  Surprisingly for many of us, the run/swims are becoming easier.  After breakfast we all went our separate ways.  Flats and Sharks students went to research to work on their final presentation.  Human ecology students went to a class where the topic was fisheries in The Bahamas.  Students had a discussion about the documentary we saw in the previous night class called Hanging in the Balance.  Overfishing, extinction, economy, sea parks and family support were all main topics of discussion.  After the discussion we went on a fishing trip for conch with Nehemiah, a local fisherman.  The seas were a bit rough and a few people got nauseous but we had a good time.  When we got back to The Island School, he showed us how to cut up conch and the different parts of the animal.  We all got an opportunity to get a bite of the conch, with the exception of the vegetarians.  In the afternoon, the groups switched and Flats and Sharks got to go out with Nehemiah while Aquaponics and Aquaculture had Research. Overall, it was a very informative day.  We really enjoyed being able to see what a fisherman actually does after watching the movie.


Ashley and Lesley