Today was a GOOD DAY!

It started out with a SCUBA dive at “Hole in the Wall” where the Term split up into 3 groups. One with Edd on the MacDaddy, one with Ian on the Kenny T, and one with Tyler on the RED Rising. The time of day is perfect for seeing all kinds of fish and underwater creatures, and we had a ton of fun! When we came back we rushed to breakfast, because we didn’t want to lose our food to the kids camp that is now sharing campus with us. The French toast was incredibly satisfying and there was plenty to go around.  After breakfast, the sharks and aquaponics research groups took off to the Rock Sound power plant, while the flats and aquaculture teams got down to work in research on their posters. By the time lunch rolled around, everyone was tired and hot. This didn’t stop us from having an amazing lunch, though! Yum, sandwiches! After this delicious time of day, the research groups switched and the flats/acult group went to the power plant, while the sharks/apon group first had siesta, then had research class.

Upon arrival home from the power plant, the flats and aquaculture teams got free time which they used wisely to work on their research posters. The sharks and aquaponics groups stayed in research until dinner circle.

Tonight was special. It was (drum roll please…) ADVISORY DINNERS!!!!!!!!!

Here’s where we went:

-Cam’s Group: Sheril’s for dinner and Victoria & Henry’s for dessert

-Lexie’s Group: Sheril’s for dinner and Victoria & Henry’s for dessert

-Charlie’s Group: Stayed on campus, baked brownies, made pizza, and ate A TON of exciting food

-Bradley’s Group: Stayed on campus in the Fish Bowl and watched movies, baked cookies, and got take out from Sheril’s

-Annie’s Group: A&T’s for dinner and Victoria & Henry’s for dessert

Doesn’t that sound like an amazing time? Well, it was!

When we all got home, we were full of sugar and fried food, which made for a surprisingly productive set of study hours.

When lights went at 10 pm, everyone was full, content, and tired.

Overall, our cacique duties were fulfilled and ready to be passed on to Ariel and Kate, tomorrow’s caciques.

Signing out,

Rosy DePaul and Molly Rose