This morning did not go according to schedule. For morning exercise we were supposed to go SCUBA diving at the Cage, but the weather was too rough to go. Our replacement was a short run around the loop. Everyone was a little bummed, but we all stayed positive and finished strong. After breakfast everyone went to their research groups to start finalizing poster projects. Everyone has been stressing and working hard to complete all the work that’s due this weekend. Time really seems to be flying here. After lunch we all split up into our Human Ecology groups. The four groups are Apiary Studies (bees), Lotions and Soaps, Biodiesel, and Compost. Each group is starting to learn about their topic today so that they will be able to present their information at Rock Sound on Saturday. All the topics are really interesting and will be able to be used back home. The rest of the night is being spent working on all the work that still needs to be completed. Everyone is going to sleep soundly tonight! Ariel and Kate