Caciques: Aubrey Faggen and Will Overman After a great nights sleep, we started off bright and early with our first morning swim. We began with a light jog to the ocean, from there we set off on our half mile swim which lead us around the inside curve of a cove. Although some of us struggled, we all pushed through and made it to the end! Even with some tired bodies in the water, we all still managed to strive for another ten minutes of treading water.  And then again, we all sprinted back to campus with our masks in our hands, and the wind blowing by us.

Our class rotations went smooth as ever. As some of us went to explain our “Who Am I?” projects, others went on a system tour to see how we produce energy and how we collect and conserve our water.

Once our class rotations were over, we set off on our first exploration time by ourselves. Some of us went to Boys Dorm Beach to swim, and play volleyball, others stayed inside and just took some time to their selves, and others set off to see this beautiful island that we are on.

The day set with a delicious soup dinner and a few study hours to get started on homework.

All is well at the Island School.