“Breaking Boundaries and Blowing Bubbles” by Caciques George Giannos and Hunter Foote

Today was a melancholy day at The Island School. After breakfast over a picturesque ocean view on the roof of the dining hall, the second troop of kayakers departed, leaving the campus like a ghost town. After already being separated for three days, seeing our Island School family disperse again was heartrending. However, those of us on campus were filled with anticipation to start SCUBA. We began our SCUBA adventure by dive rolling, rolling backwards off the boat, tentatively and not so gracefully into the water. We were taught basic safety rules and then were left to explore the ocean floor with our new water lungs.

The most exhilarating moment of SCUBA was when the students in the water took his or her first satisfying breath of underwater air. After everyone had a chance to float and blow bubbles, like a light switch the rain started to pour. We safely emerged out of the water and sped off towards campus directly into the torrential rain. All of us sat on the boat with mouths open wide, tongues out, and arms extended, lapping it up. Simply enjoying the incredible, often-changing weather of The Bahamas is a favorite past time at The Island School.