“Sit Back Relax and Enjoy” By Caciques Charlie Fichtner and Ashlie Thompson

Today was a very calm and relaxing day. Yes it was Sunday: our day off. We all awoke at different times, some early ready to jump into the day. Then the rest us enjoyed extra long sleep-ins, after our ceremonial run to High Rock to jump into the semester the day before. Many of us went to the beach to enjoy the beautiful weather. Then some went to the current cut to float around like a lazy river, after taking a visit to the coffee shop! Some had a delicious taste of caffeine.  It is the one time that we are allowed to have it on the weekends, so it was well savored. Others enjoyed treats like a turkey melt that was heavenly, and luscious key lime pie. While some us enjoyed activities, a few of us went to the Baptist church in Waterford to enjoy the singing and preaching. Once everyone had returned the campus we jumped into our work, preparing for the coming school day, where we would get our first chance to learn with our new class groups. Yes it was a very relaxing day.