“Encounters with Greatness, A daily event at the Island School” Caciques: CJ and Brigid

September 20, 2010

Today was an excellent day at The Island School; the students participated in community outreach and later broke into small groups for advisory time.  During community outreach the 8th and 9th grade buddies went to a gully and enjoyed the wonderful scenery. A gully is a massive water hole with beautiful rocks and crevices surrounding the hole. Meanwhile the 7th grade buddies stayed at campus and learned about the aquaponics systems that they will be constructing through the semester.  Everyone had an excellent time with their buddies and is looking forward to next week already.


Today’s advisory time was a unique bonding experience.  Rob’s advisory collaborated with Nadine’s advisory and went on a sailing adventure adjacent to Cape Eleuthera.  Every student was given a chance to be at the helm of the boat and the experience was unforgettable.  Afterward some students and faculty were playing football in the marina and Hammy Wallace dropped a football in the water. Hammie was about to retrieve the ball when an eight-foot nurse shark then approached the football. Luckily Rob Lloyd, Hammy’s advisor was there to make sure the shark was gone before Hammy went to retrieve the football from the water safely.


Today Ashley and Robs advisories collaborated on a trip to Deep Creek and Wymss’ Bight settlements for exploration and, of course, ice cream and conch burgers. A little outside of Wymss’ Bight we stopped at an inland blue hole (a large very deep hole that forms in the limestone of the ocean, or occasionally inland, and where many organisms and the occasional Lucayan artifacts can usually be found) which was really interesting because I had never seen one before and they are kind of mysterious… Apparently no one knows how far down it goes, and even though we couldn’t dive down to explore because we didn’t have equipment with us, everyone had a fun time speculating on what could possibly be found down there.