“Run Like a Fish” September 21, 2010

Caciques: Ellen Doughty and Liam Donovan

We began our morning with the sunrise and slowly made our way to circle. After circle, we had our first official Run or Swim Track practice of the semester. A mix of emotions began this challenging day and we set our minds to a new goal. While students were nervous and excited, we did what we had to do regardless. The feeling of pure accomplishment filled us when we reached the end.

The swimmers embarked on their journey right from the boathouse. With our goggles in place, we set our watches and swam for fifteen minutes, setting our own paces. Challenged by the waves, current and wind, the twenty-six young leaders slowly, with the exception of a few speedy individuals, swam towards the marina. After a long strenuous fifteen minutes, we turned and headed for home. Ending with a few strengthening exercises, we were reunited with the runners.


The runners started off with a few static stretches to warm up our legs for the intense run ahead. Once the run started, the group rapidly spread out along the road. Unlike the swimmers we ran for twenty minutes out around the loop. When the long, excruciating twenty minutes were over, the runners unfortunately had to turn back home and run for twenty more. On the bright side, our run back passed the beautiful Fourth Hole Beach. Returning back to the flag pole we were cheered on by our classmates and teachers that had already finished.


Our day continued with a normal class schedule, ending with two hours within our research groups. We finished off our wondrous day with a community dinner and settling into homework and sleep, we prepare for another exciting day at The Island School.