After a long week of settling into our new routine, we were all in desperate need of a sleep in. This rare treat sent us revived and ready to work straight to Celestial Navigation. Because today is the equinox, meaning that the sun moves directly over the equator, we learned how many years ago, scientists measured their locations in latitude and the circumference of the Earth. After a quick lunch, half of us rushed over for our weekly scuba expedition while the other half had the opportunity to chat with a nice native fisherman and policeman named Niemiaha. He explained to us how much fishing is a part of the Bahamian culture, and how the government is trying to protect the waters from illegal fishing and overfishing.  In order for us to understand more about the daily life of a fisherman he brought us out with his son to spear fish.  After boating through sheets of rain we plunged into the cool dark blue water.  Watching Niemiaha free diving deep into the water we could see him line up his shot with the spear and sling and suddenly let the weapon go.  In the water we could hear the initial bone crushing impact of the spear followed by a crackling noise created by the spear scraping against the coral reefs as the fish tried to swim away.  We caught two queen triggerfish and a Nassau grouper, along with eight conch. Niemiaha did not only teach us about each fish specifically, but also about the human impact from fishing on the waters of The Bahamas in the past couple of years. When we returned to school, we all got a taste of raw conch meat and intestines and grouper eyeballs! All in all today was a very exhausting and exciting day.