"A Little 'Me Time'" September 25, 2010

by Caciques Gian Paul Graziosi and Perry Leavitt

As the sun rose over the warm land of Eleuthera, the run track team was stretching before the big run.  While run track was preparing for our challenge, the swim track had already started swimming their long swim to triangle-cut. Soon after 6:30, we set off on a 5 mile run, pacing ourselves through the humid rain forests. As we completed the run, many smiled in knowing that they had run more in that one day then they had in their lives.  The practice was a great experience for everyone.

Saturday was filled with new experiences. For the first time each student had Querencia time. This is an allotted period of time where students are encouraged to go off campus and have “me time.” As each student took out their bike and peddled away, they had time to ruminate over there past four weeks at The Island School.  I for one (Gian Paul) went to Sunset Beach. I had time to write letters home, tan, write in my placebook, read magazines, make lanyard bracelets and most importantly, think.

I thought about all of the amazing people I have met at The Island School. I thought about how in such a short time at The Island School my paradigm has shifted.  After three hours of Queriencia, we all had well needed relaxation. All of the students came back peaceful and with new perspectives about their experiences at The Island School.

Saturday night activity was great. It started off with all of the students traveling to a settlement near by called Deep Creek for a Zion Baptist Church fundraiser. Student consumed large amounts of delicious conch fritters, chicken, ribs, mac and cheese and Goombay punch. The students had time to hang out and enjoy one another’s’ company.

Later that night, the entire school went into the inner loop to watch Harry Potter in the forest. As we all wore long sleeved shirt and pants, the bugs were kept down to a minimum. Everyone enjoyed the natural theater, projected on a sheet and powered by a generator and the movie went on perfectly. However, near the end of the night, a thunderstorm came through and the movie was cut short. We all ran back to campus with towels over our heads to protect us from the tropical rain. Despite the short-lived movie night, everyone relaxed and chilled in the dorms, reminiscing about the day that had passed.