"A Relaxing Day on the Cape" by Caciques Clay Bales and Allegra Rumbough

Today we had the entire day to explore the Cape. Many of us took advantage of our sleep in, and then were off on adventure. Some of us found ourselves exploring the old abandoned clubhouse in the innerloop, but many of us headed down to the coffee shop. The coffee shop is only open to the Island School students on Sundays, so everyone is always looking forward to the weekend. The coffee shop has the same buzz as any other coffee shop in the States. There is always a nice waft of coffee beans and cinnamon in the air. Not to mention the air conditioning! Some people enjoy quality time for themselves while others chat and look for nurse sharks off the dock of the marina.  For some of us an early morning trip to Deep Creek to play pick up basketball with Matt was how we spent our morning.  We loaded up the van at around 9:00 and headed off.  We played with some local kids from Deep Creek Middle School as well as Mr. Choquette.  We had a great time and left exhausted after numerous games of sweating in the hot sun.  The afternoon was filled with excitement while some people relaxed and reflected on the past week; the rest of us were excited about the week and home stays this coming weekend.