“Our Month-iversary “ September 30, 2010                                    

By Caciques Margaux Burnham and Liam Donovan

Today, as everyone leisurely started the morning exercise, our good friend Tropical Storm Nicole introduced herself to the Island School community. While we had heard news about the storm the night before, we were not fully prepared for its strength. The howling wind accompanied with buckets and sheets of powerful rain came upon us during Run/Swim Tracks. Fortunately, there was no sign of lightening, so we were able to continue. The tired runners were blown sideways with heavy spears of rain darting into their faces. The swimmers were woken up by the sudden frigid water of the Current Cut and the blistering precipitation on the run there.

After the grueling, but fun, morning exercise we had the opportunity to take lukewarm showers and wear sweatshirts for the very first time. The rest of the day was joyful as students and staff celebrated our one-month anniversary here at the Island School. By dinnertime, the storm had said its goodbyes. We have much anticipation for our Homestay weekend, for which, we leave Friday afternoon.

Homestay is the chance for students to stay with a local family for the weekend. This is for young leaders to get to know the settlements and the Bahamian culture around them. While some people are staying in the homes of their Deep Creek Middle School buddy, others will be staying with DCMS alumni. Everyone is really excited to eat home-cooked meals and hang out with their buddies.

Since the student body will be off-campus for a few days, there will be no more Cacique Updates posted until Monday when today’s Caciques, Will Overman and Taylor Schendel, will bring you words from their homestay weekend.