October 4, 2010 By Caciques Chamon McIntosh and Ashlie Thompson

“This Overcast Will Never Last”

But it did.  We woke up to gray skies and heavy showers.   First thing in the morning we did a run-swim exercise in the rain.  It didn’t matter, we were getting wet anyway. Inch after inch the sky cried upon our day. Normally, you would stay inside for this type of weather, but not at The Island School.  We, as you may say, “toughed it out.”  

We had classes all morning, followed by a great lunch prepared by our cooks, and the rain did not let up once. Due to our highly anticipated weekend of homestay we had to hurriedly finish off the remainder of our homework for the next day, which left many students disoriented and stressed.   Community Outreach was all afternoon and getting to hang out with our DCMS buddies helped to boost our moral; however this rain had its say.  Luckily our group of geriatric leaders (a joke around campus, since students are “young leaders”) had another plan in store for us. During advisory time most of the advisories watched movies and took shelter during this perpetual storm, while others played games inside and made caramel popcorn. 

Dinner was another story; circle was in the boathouse due to the thunder and lightning.  We were on temporary lock down for no more than 10 minutes as the lightning subsided.  Dinner was soup night, hot soup for a fortunately cool night. Through the rain stuck it out, we still had a night class for Human Ecology where we watched a documentary called Food Inc.  After watching this documentary I’m sure that many of us changed our minds on meat and poultry.  Study hours flew by, but luckily we got our work done within the required time. Now it is time for us to put our heads on the pillows and go off into dream land until the next time. Good night dorms and good bye rainy day.